3-18 Yr Olds

The foundation of most other dance forms. Ballet will encourage proper posture, anatomical awareness, and correct body alignment. It will stretch & strengthen muscles, and improve balance. Ballet allows student to achieve better skills in jazz, lyrical, and other forms of dance. Pre-school age students will be presented a pre-ballet level class which will focus on basic skills & terminology. The majority of the class will be presented as center work with songs & exercises to fit their age. Older students will include traditional barre exercises with positions& terminology, as well as center work including, jumps, leaps, & turns.


A stylized contemporary form of dance that draws from a ballet foundation. Jazz has borrowed from many dance forms over the years to encompass a number of different styles using the widest variety of musical accompaniment. Students will learn body isolations, direction changes & patterns, turns, leaps, & jumps using fast-paced contemporary music.


Tap as we know it today has evolved from Irish and folk dancing, traditional mountain clogging as well as African-American and Latin cultures. Tap develops rhythm, musicality & coordination, mathematical & memorization skills. Students will learn rhythm patterns & beat sequences. They will be taught correct terminology & techniques for various striking styles as well as combinations that will teach various weight changes and patterns.

9-18 yr olds

An expressive form of dance with a strong ballet base pulling from jazz and modern as well. Lyrical/Contemporary focuses on execution, fluidity, flexibility, and control with emotional expression which relates to the music.

3-6 yr olds

Covers large motor skill movements, stretches & strengthens muscles, body awareness, enhances balance and control. Students will learn proper warm-ups with an introduction to different types of coordination & strength skills, rolls, limbers, balances, and rotation skills.


These classes teach the fundamentals of hip hop movement. They are upbeat and high energy classes. Stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, and funky footwork will all be incorporated.  Family Friendly Hip Hop music is utilized in all our classes.

 6-12 yr olds

These classes are high energy, fun classes focusing on hip hop movements, body isolations, and beginner hip hop tricks like stalls, six step, etc. These are for boys only so, your son won’t be surrounded by pink tutus!



Studio Program classes are 30 – 45 minutes each. They cover warmup, application of basic techniques with progressions, and choreography. The student can choose which style/styles they want to learn. This program has one performance at the end of May


Competition Company classes are 30 – 90 minutes each. There is a core curriculum which is required consisting of separate technique and choreography classes. Please call the studio for more information.